General Surgery

Compassion and skill are at the heart of the Center for Surgical Services. General surgery as a specialty encompasses a wide variety of procedures, many of which occur in the abdomen.  Our skilled general surgeons care for patients with underlying surgical conditions by working with a full, dedicated team, coordinating care and management of each patient every step of the way through screening, surveillance, surgical intervention, rehabilitation and follow-up care.

Reasons your doctor might refer you to the Center for Surgical Services include: 

• Appendectomy (removing your appendix)

• Breast surgery—biopsy, lumpectomy and mastectomy

• Colon cancer surgery

• Hemorrhoid surgery

• Hernia repair

• Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery)

• Laparoscopic colon resection (bowel surgery)

• Laparoscopic hernia repair

• Skin and soft tissue surgeries

• Peripheral vascular system surgeries, excluding intracranial vessels and the heart

Our compassionate team meets all of these needs and more in a state-of-the-art facility. We use the latest technology. That’s why we take the most minimally invasive approach possible in any procedure, helping you heal and recover faster.

We also offer a variety of other general and specialized procedures, including robotic surgery.