Frequently Asked Questions

In our Frequently Asked Question section, we have tried to help answer several of the most commonly asked questions that our office receives. If you have additional questions or would like more information about St. Francis Orthopaedic Institute, please call our office at (706) 322-6646.

Where is St. Francis Orthopaedic Institute located?

We are located at 2300A Manchester Expressway, Woodruff Pavilion, Suite 101A, Columbus, Georgia 31904. Our office is in the Woodruff Pavilion and is adjacent to St. Francis Hospital's Emergency Room.

How do I get a medication refill?

All refill requests should be addressed at the time of your appointment with the physician. If a refill is needed before your next appointment, call (706) 322-6646 Option 3. You must leave your name, date of birth, drug allergies, name and strength of the requested prescription and the name and telephone number of the pharmacy. Prescriptions will be called to the pharmacy within 24 hours if you are not contacted by our office. No refills will be addressed after office hours.

How do I learn what the results are from a test that I had performed?

If a follow up appointment was not scheduled for you to discuss the test results, the physician or his clinical staff will call you with the results. It takes several days for the facilities to have the written report and films available for your physician to review. You will be notified as soon as this is complete. The clinical staff cannot discuss these results until your physician has had a chance to retrieve and study the test.

What time do I need to report to the hospital or surgery center for my surgery?

The order of surgical cases is not determined until the day prior to surgery. On the day before your surgery, you will be notified by the facility or our office about your arrival time at the hospital. If you are coming from out of town, make sure you have informed our office where you will be staying and a phone number where you can contacted.

How do I obtain a copy of my records?

We have contracted with an outside record copying service to copy and mail all requested records. You must submit a completed medical release form for the records you are requesting and to whom they should be sent. This form is available in the Online Form section on our web page. If you have a question about a previously submitted request, please call (706) 322-6646 and select option 7.

How do I obtain work restrictions for my employer?

This is something that must be addressed with your physician during your appointment. He will furnish you with detailed work restrictions and a time frame for these restrictions.

What is the process to have a disability form completed?

The form must be submitted to the office with the necessary payment for completion. Forms are completed in the order in which they are received and are mailed or faxed back to the patient. It is your responsibility to forward them to the appropriate people. You must allow 7 - 10 business days for this process. Forms submitted without payment will be returned without completing.

What do I do if I feel my injury is work related?

You must first notify your employer of the accident. There is a specific guideline that must be followed in order to have the injury covered under Workers Compensation. Your employer must call (706) 324-5804 to schedule the appointment and furnish the necessary insurance information.

Do I need a referral?

Our physicians accept patients without a referral. Be sure to check with your insurance carrier, as some carriers require a referral before being seen by a specialist.

Which insurance plans does St. Francis Orthopaedic Institute accept?

We participate in several PPO's, HMO's and Medicare. You may also check with your insurance carrier to verify our participation with your health plan.

Do I need to bring previous X-rays or medical records?

Yes. Please bring any previous X-rays or other diagnostic studies such as an EMG, MRI or CT to your appointment. We must have a written interpretation of the test as well as the films. The Medical Records pertaining to your current problem as well as previous operative reports should be sent to the office prior to your appointment. This will allow up to verify that we have all of the necessary records in order to perform a thorough examination.

How do I contact the physician if there is a problem after hours?

A physician is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle emergencies.

If you are hurt or have a problem that necessitates seeing a physician, please call our office number at (706) 322-6646 and the answering service will page the physician on-call.